Cave Run Lake via Sheltowee Trace

Photo Gallery

  • Natural Arch close up.
  • Natural Arch from the trail.
  • Ridgetop near FS road 908.
  • Ruins of Clear Creek Iron Furnace.
  • Campsite at junction of Buck Trail and Sheltowee.
  • Sherpa Doug prepares breakfast at one of the access points.
  • Natural Arch.
  • Overlooks from the trail are often.
  • View near Hwy 1274 access point.
  • Hwy 36 overlook.
  • Rusty checks out Clear Creek.
  • Overlook of Cave Run Lake.
  • Rockhouse across the valley.
  • Jack is ready for the trail.

Last Modified 2/15/13

Arch at Cave Run LakeKentucky Contacts

Sheltowee Trace
London Ranger District
761 S. Laurel Road
London, KY 40744 606-864-4163

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