Land Between the Lakes

Photo Gallery

  • Lunch at Dead Beaver Springs.
  • Tents at Buzzard Wing Spring Camp.
  • Campfire at Buzzard Wing Spring Camp.
  • Steve and Jack cross Trace road.
  • Bridge near Bison preserve.
  • Lauras Furnace.
  • Shelter at Iron Mountain Camp.
  • N/S Trail Marker.
  • Ross Cemetary.
  • Turn in the trail.
  • Campfire keeps us warm.
  • Buzzard Wing Spring Camp.
  • Shared horse trail is not uncommon.
  • Detour around the preserve.
  • Stopping to check the trail sign.
  • A Beautiful spot along the trail at Vickers Bay.
  • Looking out at the mouth of Vickers Bay and Ky Lake.
  • Enjoying the fire near Golden Pond.
  • Lunch at Sugar Bay boat ramp.
  • Water foul at the end of Sugar Bay.
  • More Sugar Bay where a creek enters.
  • N/S climbs above Sugar Bay for a short distance.
  • Steve crosses a foot bridge near Hatchery Hollow.
  • Hiking along a level area on N/S trail.
  • Growing wild and in large numbers.
  • Another local making his way home.
  • Kabobs for dinner.
  • Sand pipers along the shore off Honker trail.
  • Osprey nest close up, Honker Trail.
  • Eagle along Honker trail.
  • Gheese on the beach along Honker trail.
  • Bison taking it easy at the reserve.
  • Bison at the reserve.
  • Big guy takes a break.
  • Elk keep their distance as we pass by.
  • N/S passes along Higgins Bay.
  • Foot bridge along N/S trail.
  • Looking toward the mouth of Duncan Bay and Ky Lake.
  • Duncan Bay is a little low in March.
  • East end of Duncan Bay.
  • Getting ready to pack at Hatchery Hollow.
  • Steve and Tony crossing creek at Dead Beaver Springs.
  • Mike ready for some hammock time at Dead Beaver Springs.
  • Duncan Bay along N/S trail.

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Vickers BayKentucky Contacts

Land Between The Lakes
100 Van Morgan Drive
Golden Pond, KY 42211
(270) 924-2000.

Getting There

To access the North end of the trail take I-66/24 to Ky 453 South. Continue on Ky 453 7 miles to the North Welcome center. To access the Southern terminious Take Tn 79/76 to Ky 453. Proceed North 4.3 miles to the South Welcome center.

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