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1999 Polar Bear Camping Trip

Not quite Diary

The PolarBears, left to right; Greg Fante, Andy Pierce, Andy Deck, Joe Deck,
Mike Broderick, Greg Shade, Pete Ramsey, Bill Wead, Jim O'Toole and Dan Waddell.

Welcome to the 1999 PolarBear camping home page.

This year was the 10th anniversary of the original PolarBear which was first initiated at Clark County State Park in the winter of 1989. Greg Shade (PolarMaster), and Greg Fonte (PolarMasters Boy) decided enough was enough and headed for the woods to get some piece of mind.

Some of the highlights from this year:

The all weather trip, temperatures in the 30's Friday night for the pre-PolarBear (Jimmy O'Toole, Greg Fonte and Mike Broderick at Wyndotte Horse Camp) Saturday warm with temperatures in the low 60's. Saturday night rain and high winds (gusts around 40 mph), Sunday cold with wind and temperatures in the 30's.

After a 3 mile hike on the Adventure trail, the group of 10 Polarmen, arrived at the #11 Homestead campsite late Saturday morning. After staking out campsites the group ate lunch, listened to the U of L game on Dan's solar radio and threw a little frisbee. Later that evening the group set off for the Ohio river overlook. Greg Shade, after having a few, was great entertainment for us all as we smoked cigars, and watched the sun set. A classic NFG occurred when a flock of geese flew by the overlook at eye level. After returning to the camp, we all partook in libations mostly supplied by our buddy Dan. Rip Van Winkle was asleep in the wood.

The following day after the rain stopped. We broke camp and head back to the trucks. Walking through the woods in a wind storm was an unusual experience. Trees and branches falling all around had everyone's attention. At the trucks, we proceeded to have a few cold ones. The group disbanded, with a few staying to try a day hike. After moving a falling tree and the top of a tree falling on Mike's truck we reached the river were strong winds and cold temperatures made us long for a warm shower.

"The 10th anniversary trip has to be considered a top ten"–Greg Shade

"My good friend Rip Van Winkle"–Dan Waddell

"Don't wear red"–Andy Pierce

"Shika Come"–Mike Broderick