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2000 Polar Bear Camping Trip

Well, my buddies dropped the ball on this one. I don't have any pictures to show, so words will have to do. Polar Bear 2000 returned to the Hemlock Cliffs area near English Indiana. There were spectacular views of a huge frozen waterfall and the weather was mild for February. The PrePolar started Friday night with a few hardy souls who drank way to much. After being rudely awakened by some anxious compodras the next morning, we hiked the area with packs for about 45 minutes. After a brief rest we setup camp and day hiked the area.

We discovered an interesting area across the old logging road that lead to some cliffs that looked out over some farm land. Jimmy and Mike explored various ways to descend the bluffs using a ladder someone had placed in a crack.

After returning to the campsite traditional Polar Bear activities ensued, including drinking, smoking, and eating. The Polar Bearers had finally conquored Hemlock Cliffs.