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2001 Polar Bear Camping Trip

The Indian-Celina Lake area is located about 1 hour west of Louisville off of Indiana State 37. The Polar Bearers started arriving Friday evening and camped in the empty South Slope campground. There was lots of drinking, eating and rebel rousing. Not to mention a smoke or two. This years rookie was David , Greg F's neighbor. This was David's first Polar Bear, and he was not sure what to expect. He has been an avid camper in Texas, but this wasn't Texas! The most fired up this year was Rick. This was Ricks second year and he had acquired some new equipment, with the help of Polar Master Greg S., for this trip. Rick quickly learned why this was called Polar Bear and wished he had had Polar Master Greg outfit him with a warmer sleeping bag. These are hard lessons to learn...

Andy, Rick, and Pat all bugged out the next day. We were sad to see them go, but that left us with the lions share of left over goodies from the night before. Mike and Greg S. were excited to use their new GPS locators and found them to be quite useful. Mike also found the new gear ravaged batteries by the hand full.

After a nice day hike highlighted by seeing the Indian Lake dam and Indian Lake frozen, the Polar Bears set up camp across from the Indian Lake boat ramp. The campers ate, threw the vortex and had a short hike to an old cemetery. Dave thought this was much activity. That night we enjoyed a warm fire and a few libations.

The next morning we awoke to snow. The frozen lake and snow made for a beautiful beginning to our final hike. The return hike along the western shore brought us through stands of pines and past a frozen waterfall. We had to ford the Tige Creek, and climb a long hill away from the lake. At the end of the day it was rated high on the list for Polar Bear experiences.


Polar bear officially moves to two nights.
-When the map says there is a creek crossing...it may be a really big,deep, 32F creek that cannot be crossed.
-12F is really cold but not when you have 4 sleeping bags (Mark).
-The view from the Dam is awesome.
-Thanks for the "black scotch"
-Surround sound snoring.
-Bring your spoon!!!!
-Cabernet in the woods in stemware is a very fine thing.
-Elmer is ALIVE!!!
-It takes a lot of batteries to power weekend warriors. Batteries per capita are mushrooming with all the electronic devices. (Cameras, PDA's GPS's, weather radios, cell phones, tape recorders, etc.)
-A top 12 trip!!!

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