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2007 Harrison Crawford State Park

The 07' Polar Bears: Jimmy, Tom, Mark, Pete, Greg, and Rick.

Weekend 2/17/07

The 19th Polar Bear trip weekend began with the group assembling at the Horseman's Campground in Harrison Crawford Forest. Greg and Jimmy were the first to arrive with Greg's new Teardrop trailer which he procured from an Amish group several weeks prior in Ohio. As they set up camp Pete, Tom and Mark arrived and everyone got caught up on the past year and shared a taste of the latest vintage. Rick was overdue but he eventually showed up. Upon asking him what happened he shouted " I got lost in the West End dudes!"

We were glad our Friday night crew were all accounted for and went on with a ruckus, enjoyable evening.

The next morning we awoke to snow. After a slow morning we hiked in 1.3 miles on the Adventure Trail to site #10. There is shelter there overlooking the Ohio river. We enjoyed the views, but there was a barge loading operation across the river that was noicey. Mike and Steve hiked in to join us for a night around the fire. Mike brought a great selection of tunes and we huddled around the fire to stay warm against a strong wind.

We tuned into the Louisville basketball game and listened to a fabulous down to the last minute win. Mike and Steve headed out and before they were 200 yards down the trail the Polar Bears were diving into their sleeping bags for the long cold night.

The next morning was beautiful with the fresh snow and blue skies for the hike out. The weather was Polar Perfect

Quotes of the trip:

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