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Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is located in southern Illinois in the Shawnee National Forest. The Wilderness area is over 320 million years old and covers over 3,300 acres of beautiful old growth forest.. The sediment rock in this area is over 4 miles deep and the fractured bedrock has created some interesting rock formations that represent various objects. Some of the rock formations include; Camel Rock, Monkey Head, Indian Point, Anvil Rock, Mushroom Rock and Big H. The Observation Trail follows a .25 mile stone path to some spectacular overlooks of the Garden of the Gods Wilderness area. The park is open year round.

Lusk Creek Wilderness

Lusk Creek Wilderness area is located in the Shawnee National Forest and has some beautiful and interesting geology. Bedrock, similar to Garden of the Gods, lines Lusk Creek Canyon to the north and south. Large cliffs and rock houses are abundent along Lusk Creek. There are many plants and animals in this mostly undisturbed area. The River-to-River Trail passes through this area on it's way to its terminous.

One Horse Gap

Part of the Shawnee National Forest, One Horse Gap is a natural narrow passage in the bedrock which the River-to-River trail passes through. The area above the gap has a moon like landscape that is unique. There is a small lake with in mile of the gap and just below the gap is a small tunnel between the rocks with a trickleing stream that disapears under the rocks.

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