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Harrison Crawford State Forest

About Harrison Crawford

Harrison Crawford was established in 1932 an now encompasses nearly 26,000 acres of forest land. Facilities include Class "A" and "C" campgrounds, an interpretive center, group camp facility and picnic areas. Horse back riding , canoeing, camping and hiking make this area a great place to spend the weekend. The park is located in the Southern part of Indian near Corydon. Some good day hikes can be had along some of the parks trails, including; Buckeye Trail (1mile), Wyandotte Trail (.25 mile), Sleepy Hollow Trail (1 mile), CCC Ghost Trail (1.5 mile), Tulip Valley Trail (2 mile), Rocky Ridge Trail (2 mile), Cliff Dweller Trail (1.75 miles) and Adventure Trail (part of the Discovery Trail) which is a 24 mile trail that loops around the entire Obannon Woods area.

hikers with packs stand by table next to shelter


Adventure Trail

The 24 mile Adventure Hiking Trail (part of the Discovery Trail) winds through the Obannon Woods/Harrison Crawford State Park. The trail is marked with Green and White blazes and travels in a loop near Indian Creek on the east side, then runs along a ridge above the Ohio River south, looping up along the Blue River on the west side of the trail. A horse trail intermingles with the trail at times. The Adventure Trail can be accessed from several different location including Cold Friday road or from the trail head just past the bridge on IN 462. Adventure Trail has several approved sites to camp. It is easy to moderate with some steep accents. It is advised to carry water, for there are few places to obtain it.

0.0 Beginning at Handicap hunters parking lot and IN 462. Cross 462 heading East, look for green blazes. The trail is easy to find, but a few downed trees require you to bush whack a bit.

0.12 Trail begins to descend and crosses gravel path, continue left.

0.50 Cross tributary with rock ledge.

0.66 Logging trail goes to the left, continue on AT down to the right.

0.71 Trail passes through the remains of an old homestead and continues to descend.

1.0 Cross two large and one small tributary, trail continues to the left and begins to ascend.

1.12 Cross logging road, continue up the hill, at top of ridge trail crosses another logging road and begins to descend for a short distance before leveling out.

1.36 Trail begins to descend again crosses over tributary and levels off again

2.0 Cross over large creek bed and begins the 200' climb out of the hollow.

2.08 Trail crosses under powerlines.

2.20 Trail crosses road at trail head 6. This section took about 1hr. Follow trail along the fence and you will see the green trail blaze.

2.28 Trail begins to descend and becomes a bit more rocky as it passes through some small boulders.

2.43 Cross dry creek bed and in a short distance merge with a logging road, trail continues up to the right

2.49 Pass make shift tree stand on your right, this section of the trail goes up and down several times before descending again.

2.80 Cross creek and begin to ascend.

2.83 Top of ridge trail turns to the right.

3.14 Field to the right, merge with logging road, continue left.

3.17 Trail leaves logging road continuing to the right.

3.42 Trail is difficult to see due to falling trees, look down and to your right.

3.43 Cross tributary.

4.14 Horse trail. At the horse trail turn right till you reach a small field, there is a pond for filtered water. Before entering the field go left along the grass and pick up the trail as it descends to the right merging with another logging trail, continue right. In about 30' trail leaves the logging road and continues left.

4.47 Trail begins to ascend to the right. This section is not marked well.

5.83 Trail parallels a horse trail. You can just begin to see Indian Creek through the trees to your left. Cross another logging trail. As the trail levels out there are several overlooks to Indian Creek

6.33 Arrive at Indian Creek shelter #7. Leave site #7, trail splits, continue right.

6.50 Trail begins descend and becomes more rocky.

6.62 Cross dry creek bed and continue through some pine trees.

6.70 Trail begins to ascend after leaving pines.

6.87 Trail continues to ascend, the trail passes through some areas that contain wide bladed grass, possible a place where a fire had occurred previously.

7.30 Trail enters another stand of pines a levels out a bit.

7.58 Small shelter building with log table. Suitable for small group to camp. There is also a small pond that is one of the few water sources in the area.

7.78 cross tributary start climbing again.

8.0 Trail levels out a bit, to the right you can see small rock house below the trail.

8.58 Cross a logging trail at the top of the ridge.

8.61 Major intersection of horse trails, continue across paralleling the horse trail for a short distance before the AT trail continues to the right.

8.92 Enter a field of tall grass where the trail is very level. After leaving the field it is a short distance before the trail splits to the right.

8.97 Trail begins to descend sharply following a dry creek bed and then levels out again.

9.46 Cross over area where two dry creek beds converge.

9.81 Cross another horse trail, continue up and to the right.

9.89 Cross tributary and continue to ascend steeply.

10.08 Trail widens and cross another logging road.

10.17 Cross another logging road.

10.34 Trail tops out and is a short distance to Ohio River shelter #8 . The shelter was built on the site of an old homestead. All that remains of the former home is the stone chimney.

10.64 Trail passes through the foundation of another former house. Cross a tributary in a short distance the trail merges with a logging road, turn left as it parallels the road.

10.77 Cross a horse trail (red blaze), field to your right.

10.83 To your left you will see bright yellow "Private Property" signs.

11.52 Trail begins to descend toward Cold Friday road, passes though some more pines.

11.62 Trail crosses a dry creek bed.

11.72 Trail crosses creek to Cold Friday road.

11.80 Both sides of trail is strewn with boulders and tall brown grass as you ascend.

11.88 Cross horse trail with orange marker and blue diamond.

12.26 Site # 9 is up and to the left. You have to bush whack your way up the hill. This site has no shelter but has lots of room and a level area.

12.40 Leaving site #9 the trail starts out level before it begins to descend sharply.

12.66 Cross large dry creek bed and begin to climb up and around leveling off after a short distance. The creek parallels the trail to the right.

12.72 Trail turns away from the creek and begins to ascend again.

13.10 Trail begins to descend again, the trail is very steep and rocky with difficult footing.

13.37 Cross dry creek and ascend toward the south.

13.54 AT intersects with another horse trail, continue straight across. Cross small foot bridge.

13.68 After a steep ascent, the trail levels and starts to follow along the ridge above the Ohio river.

14.05 Trail parallels another horse trail.

14.27 Site #10 has nice shelter house with large fire pit and over look of the Ohio river.

14.85 Trail merges with horse trail with orange marker and descends. To the left you can see the confluence of Potato Run Creek and the Ohio river.

15.00 Trail merges with another horse trail with blue marker. Turn to the right.

15.33 Trail passes sign indicting trail head to Cliff top Ridge trail. AT merges with the day loop trail following along Potato Run Creek.

15.46 After a few switch backs the trail crosses a dry Potato Run Creek and climbs up the bank to the parking lot at Pioneer Cabin.

15.55 Parking lot at Site #1 Pioneer Cabin.

Map of Adventure Trail

Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail begins at Wyndotte Lake parking lot and loops around the lake crossing Sharps spring (on a rickety bridge) and finally ending back at the parking lot. Two things to consider, the trail which is not marked merges with a horse trail (green markers) on the south side of the lake and there is difficult crossing between the earthing damn and the parking lot. You may want to hike up to the road and cross there. It is approximately 1 mile and is easy to hike.

Obannon Woods (formally Wyndotte) Campground is another area that is excellent to car camping and has full facilities, including water and rest rooms.

Update: Closed 2013 due DNR not wanting to repair water systems and pit toliets. Stage Stop is my favorite car camping campground in this area. Located off of IN 62 just past the junction of IN 62 and IN 462 , Stage Stop is a little gem that has campsites along the Blue River with a canoe access point. The facility includes pit toilets and water. To reach Stage Stop, take I-64 to Corydon Exit 105. Proceed south on Indiana 135 to Indiana 62. Go west on Indiana 62 to the junction of IN 462 (at the bridge). Continue on IN 62 .9 miles, the entrance to Stage Stop is on the left. (Closed October 31 thru May 1)

Indiana Contacts

Harrison-Crawford State Forest
7240 Old Forest Road SW
Corydon, IN 47112
(812) 738-8232

Map of Adventure Trail

Getting There

Harrison Crawford is located near Corydon Indiana. Take I-64 to Corydon Exit 105. Proceed south on Indiana 135 to Indiana 62. Go west on Indiana 62 about 8 miles to IN 462. Turn left, go approximately 2 miles to the main entrance of Obannon Woods/Harrison Crawford State Park and Recreation Area.

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