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Savage Gulf

Savage Ranger Station

Savage Ranger Station is located in the Southeastern part of Savage Gulf and gives you access to Savage Falls, Savage Station Camp, North and South Rim trails, Mountain Oak trail, Connector trail, and Hobbs Cabin.


Savage Day Loop Trail

An easy loop, all on the plateau top, that gives the hiker a great variety of features. This trail is the access to South Rim and North Rim trails. Campsites are available at Savage Gulf Ranger Station (near the parking lot) and at Savage Falls campground (about 2 miles, near falls)

0.0 Trail begins beside the Savage Gulf Ranger Station.

0.1 Entrance to Savage Station Camp Area to left.

0.2 Wooden foot bridges.

0.4 Suspension bridge across Boyd Branch.

1.0 Loop Junction, turn left; trail returns to this point after 2 miles.

1.2 South Rim trail and Savage Gulf Camp to left.

1.5 Spur trail to the Savage Falls Overlook on the left.

2.0 Rattlesnake Point Overlook, dedication plaque to former owners who preserved the areas forest. Nice view.

2.2 North Rim trail to left.

2.8 Trail starts to follow old narrow-gauge logging railroad grade which was used in the 1920's.

3.1 Loop Junction; turn left to return to Ranger Station.

4.2 Ranger Station.

South Rim Trail

This easy plateau top trail follows the south rim of the Savage Gulf, except for crossing Savage Creek near the beginning-and crossing Peak Mountain at the end. There are several short spur trails to overlooks, blazed in blue. Savage Falls Camp Area has a pit toilet, but no piped in water. Filtered water can be obtained from near by Savage Falls.

0.0 Trail begins from Savage Day Loop Trail.

0.1 Suspension bridge across Savage Creek; trail turns right to follow Savage Creek downstream to Savage Falls; Savage Falls Camp Area straight up the hill.

0.5 Overlook and access to pool of Savage Falls.

0.6 Second entrance to Savage Falls Camp Area to left.

0.7 Laurel Branch is crossed on a metal bridge.

1.0 Curvy Oak overlook is on a short spur trail to right.

1.3 Step Down overlook to right. Excellent view.

1.6 Champion overlook to right.

1.9 Rhododendron Branch is crossed on a wooden bridge.

2.8 A view down into the gulf forest on spur trail to right.

3.7 Site of an old Moonshine Still to left.

4.0 Laurel Bluff overlook to right-an outstanding view.

4.1 Tulip Tree overlook to right.

4.3 Shaky Rock overlook to right.

4.5 Lichen Rock overlook to right

4.8 Stage Road Camp Area to left.

4.9 Second Camp Area entrance.

5.5 Winter view into Collins Gulf to right.

5.8 Collins Gulf trail begins to left, just a few feet down the Stage Road trail.

North Rim Trail

This is a long, but easy trail with more overlooks than any other at Savage Gulf. It follows the edge of the plateau on the north side of Savage Gulf and ends at Hobbs Cabin. The best vistas in the gulf area.

0.0 Trail begins from Savage Day Loop trail.

0.3 Suspension bridge across Meadow Creek; North Plateau trail begins to the right.

0.6 Meadow Creek overlook-Savage and Meadow Creeks join directly below this 100' bluff.

0.7 A very short side trail leads left to Savage Creek overlook. The creek is visible up the gulf. Awesome view of South Rim and North Rim bluffs.

1.4 Loose Rock overlook is on a short spur to the left.

1.7 A short spur to the left leads to an overlook of a cliff fall which wiped out everything from plateau top to creekside. It happened in January, 1984.

2.0 Ford across Lick Creek.

2.2 Several overlooks of the short Lick Creek Gulf.

2.5 Quartz Pebble overlook.

2.8 South end of Mountain Oak trail to right.

2.9 Ford of Jumpin' Water Branch.

3.3 Jumpin' Water overlook.

3.5 Yellow Bluff overlook, at 200'-this is Savage Gulf's tallest bluff.

3.6 Over Pine overlook.

4.3 A short waterfall to the left.

4.7 Trail Edge overlook.

5.0 Tommy Point overlook; the mouths of the 3 major gulfs is in the view to the south. Trail moves around the ridge to the right.

6.1 Split Rock overlook Coppinger Gulf

6.3 Connector Trail Begins to the left; North Plateau trail begins straight ahead; Hobbs Cabin and Camp Area to left; North Rim trail straight ahead; Connector trail to right. There is a spring in this area to filter water.

Tennesse Contacts

Savage Gulf
Route 1, Box 2196
Monteagle , TN 37356
Stone Door: 931-692-3887
Savage Gulf: 931-779-353


Getting There

The Savage Gulf is located in central Tennessee in South Cumberland Mountains. It can be accessed from interstate 24 at the Monteagle, Tenn exit 127. Take TN 50 to TN 108. Follow TN 108 East through Gruetli-Laager to TN 399. Continue on TN 399 then turn left on Stage Coach Road then Rt. on Hill Camp Rd.

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