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Red River Gorge

Koomer Ridge Area

The Koomer Ridge area is popular in part because of it's close proximity to Koomer Ridge Campground. The 3.0 mile Koomer Ridge (220) trail 3.0 miles, Hidden Arch Loop trail (208) 0.86 miles, Buck Trail (226) 1.4 miles, and Rough Trail (221) /Sheltowee (100) can all be accessed from this area. There is primitive camping at the Koomer Ridge Campground on a first come first served basis.

overlook of gorge


Koomer Ridge Trail

The 3.0 mile Koomer Ridge (220) trail begins at the Koomer ridge parking lot and winds it's way through the campground toward Hidden Arch Loop trail (208), continuing on to Buck Trail (226) before finally ending at Rough Trail (221) /Sheltowee (100). Koomer Ridge trail is easy between the parking lot and Hidden Arch, but becomes more challenging as you near Rough Trail. The trail follows along the ridge before dropping down to Chimney Top Creek

0.00 Koomer Ridger Parking lot posted Hidden Arch 0.75, Silvermine Arch 1.50, Buck Trail 1.50, Rough Trail 3.00. White Diamond trail blaze

0.09 Koomer Ridge Trail 220 branches left. 225 Straight leads to Silvemine Arch .

0.12 Primative campground. Pass through the parking lot and pass the pit toilets to the back of the campground.

0.19 Trail begins to ascend

0.78 Trail junction. Left leads to Hidden Arch 0.50. Straight 2.5 to Rough Trail.

0.89 Elevation 1300' Trail is mostly level through this area.

1.02 Junction Hidden Arch Trail and Koomer Ridge Trail.

1.62 Junction Buck Trail and Koomer Ridge Trail. 1.50 to Pinch'em Tight trail, 1.25 to Rough Trail, Koomer Ridge Campground 1.50.

1.95 Trail tops out at 1192' and begins to move along the ridge top.

2.50 Top of ridge. Elevation 1115', campsite at this location.

2.72 Trail crosses tributary and continues to climb.

2.85 Trail levels a bit before ascending again.

2.92 Trail climbs steeply above creek. Elevation 758'

3.00 Junction Rough Trail and Koomer Ridge Trail. Rough Trail continues across creek 0.75 to Chimney Top Road. 3.75 to Grays Arch, Koomer Ridge Campground 2.75, 2.00 to Hidden Arch Loop. 1.25 to Buck Trail. Campsites along trail, beautiful rock outcroppings along the trail. Turn right on to Koomer Ridge Trail.

Hidden Arch Trail Loop

0.00 Trail junction. Sign post, left leads to Hidden Arch 0.50. Straight 2.5 to Rough Trail. After joining Hidden Arch Trail the trail begins to level off.

0.12 Trail begins to decent winding around the ridge.

0.24 The trail remains flat moves along the ridge with nice views to either side.

0.36 Overlook

0.48 Set of steps that lead down to Hidden Arch. Past the arch the trail continues to descend moving along the rock face.

0.57 Climb another set of steps.

0.62 Junction with Koomer Ridge Trail. Sign post, Koomer Ridge Campground 0.75, Rough Trail 2.00. Turn right and return Koomer Ridge Trail.

0.86 Trail junction. Hidden Arch and Koomer Ridge Trail.

Buck Trail

0.00 Junction with Buck Trail. Sign post 1.50 to Pinch'em Tight Trail, 1.25 to Rough Trail. At 1180' elevation the trail begins to descend quickly eventually bottoming out after about 400'.

0.37 Trail switches back. Nice stand of pines.

0.42 Look to your left and see if you can see the face in the rock. You won't see it coming from the other direction. Just past the rock the Chimney Top creek comes into view on your left. The trail continues to descend.

0.59 Campsite across the creek.

0.64 Cross creek several times. These are wet crossings.

0.67 At 910' elevation, the trail leaves the creek and begins the 400' climb out of the valley.

1.14 Trail reaches ridge top at an elevation of 1145 feet.

1.42 Junction with Pinch'em Tight/Sheltowee. Sign post left Tunnel Ridge Road 1.25, right Rough Trail 0.50

Kentucky Contacts

Red River Gorge
Stanton Ranger District

705 W. College Ave.
Stanton, KY 40380
(606) 663-2852


Getting There

The Red River Gorge is located in Kentucky inside the Daniel Boone National Forest. To get there, take the Mountain Parkway to the Slade, KY exit. At the bottom of the exit ramp turn left to proceed to Red River Gorge. Turning right at the bottom of the exit ramp takes you to the Natural Bridge Information Center. (Right-Camping at Tunnel Ridge Road.)

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