Big South Fork

Leatherwood Ford Area


Fall Branch Trail to Angel Falls Overlook

Trail 2.8 Miles One Way, moderate becoming strenuous as you ascend toward the over look. River views, wildflowers, bluffs, overlooks, rapids. Campsites near the river. No water on top near the overlook.

0.0 From the Leatherwood Ford parking area, cross the bridge and turn right on the John Muir Trail. The trail follows the Big South Fork river north along the bank.

1.7 The trail leaves the river moving up the Fall Branch. There are several camping areas along Fall Branch.

2.1 Cross the Fall Branch bridge.

2.2 The trail comes to a set of stone steps, at the top of the steps the trail continues to the left. A spur trail leads to some more camping sites along Fall Branch.

2.4 The trail continues a steep climb along some switch backs. Looking above, you can see the Angel Falls Overlook several hundred feet above.

2.6 The trail passes through a large rock house with signs of camping. Remember camp 300 ft. from any trail. Continue through the rock house till the trail seems to end. Climb the large rocks to your right. A cable has been put in place to make the passage easier.

2.7 Climb the ladder and continue through the gap in the rocks to the Grand Gap Loop trail. Continue right.

2.8 Angel Falls overlook. There are several camping sites up a spur path directly behind the overlook.

O & W Bridge Trail via Leatherwood Loop from East Rim Overlook Road

Trail makes a 3.0 mile loop starting at the Leatherwood Loop Trail head off of East Rim Overlook Road. A short hike from the parking lot leads to the Leatherwood Ford bridge overlook. Hike can be combined with O & W Bridge trail hike.

0.0 The trail begins to the left of the parking area near the end of the field.

0.2 The trail meets the Leatherwood Loop. Continue left.

0.4 The trail merges with an old logging road. Continue right.

0.7 A sign indicates the Leatherwood Overlook to the right. Take this spur to see the overlook. Proceed left to continue the loop trail.

1.0 The trail passes by several large rock over hangs descending several switchbacks.

1.2 Descend some stone steps and cross a drainage.

1.9 Trail junctions with O & W Bridge Trail. O & W Trail begins, continue left along the river.

2.2 The trail cross Sand Branch forks merging with an old logging road. Continue right.

2.3 The trail comes to a large rock house. A spur trail continues to the right but soon leads to no where. Proceed left up the hill where the trail begins several switch backs.

2.6 The trail merges with another logging road

3.3 Trail passes through some large boulders and begins to level out.

3.5 Straight ahead, a large bolder blocks the trail. You can see the O & W Bridge to your right.

3.6 O & W Bridge. You can cross the bridge on foot or walk down the wooden steps to the river below.

Camping Facilities

Bandy Creek Campground - 100 sites with water and electric, 50 tent sites and two group camping areas, restrooms, showers, dump station and swimming pool. Reservations are required for group camping sites, call Park Headquarters at (931) 879-4869.

Station Camp Horse Camp - 24 sites for horse camping. Each site has water, electricity and a four horse tie stall. All have access to restrooms and showers. Concession operated, for further information call (423) 569-3321.

Kentucky/Tenn Contacts

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area
Park Headquarters
4564 Leatherwood Road
Oneida, Tennessee 37841

Park Headquarters - (423) 569-9778

Visitor Center - Tennessee - (931) 879-3625

Visitor Center - Kentucky - (606) 376-5073

Pickett State Park
4605 Pickett Park Highway
Jamestown, TN 38556
(931) 879-5821

Getting There

Southbound on I-75 take KY 461 south to KY 80, take 80 west to U.S. 27, take 27 south to Oneida and follow TN 297 west into the park.

From I-75 northbound, take TN 63 west to U.S. 27, take 27 north to Oneida and follow TN 297 west into the park.

From I-40 westbound, exit at U.S. 27, travel north to Oneida and follow TN 297 west into the park.

From I-40 eastbound, exit at U.S 127 and travel north to TN 154, take 154 north to TN 297 and follow take 297 east into the park.

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