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Big South Fork

The Big South Fork is located on the Kentucky/Tennessee border in the Daniel Boone National Forest. It can be accessed from Interstate 75 at several locations. Big South Fork is a lightly hiked area with many beautiful vistas. Angel Falls overlook has one of the best views of the park. It rises about 750' above the river with views to the south and west. Its about a 45 minute climb to the lookout, a moderate to difficult trail.

Fall Creek Falls

Located in southeastern Tennessee, Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park has many beautiful sites to offer through out it's 19,000 acres. It is best known for it's name sake, the 256 foot Fall Creek Falls. There are many other falls in the area including Piney Falls and Cane Creek Falls. Although this is a resort park, don't let that fool you. The 13 mile Lower Loop trail has plenty of wilderness to offer the avid backpacker. The 14 mile Upper Loop trail is is not as seneic as the Lower Loop, but is worth the hike.

Savage Gulf

The Savage Gulf is located in central Tennessee in South Cumberland Mountains. It can be accessed from interstate 24 near BeerSheba Springs, Tennessee. Savage Gulf has spectacular cliffs and many beautiful waterfalls. Greeter Falls drops over a 15 foot upper ledge and then plummets 50 feet into a large plunge pool below. Savage Falls, although not as high (30'), is beautiful in its Rhododendron canopy surroundings. Other falls include, Ranger Falls, Sutter Falls, Boardtree Falls, Horsepound Falls and Laural Falls.

Stone Door is a 10 foot wide 100 foot deep crack that leads from the top of Big Creek Rim, 750 feet below to Big Creek. This is a popular place to top rope repel. Other areas of interest include. Stage Coach Road, Yellow Bluff overlook and Hobbs Cabin. Camping is only allowed at designated sites and a permit must be obtained at the ranger station.

The economy in this area is supported mainly by the tree nursery industry, varieties of trees include Spruce, Birch, Pair and Maple.

Some excellent weekend packs are; North Rim Trial to Hobbs Cabin Camp, South Rim Trail to Stage Coach Road Camp, Stone Door Trail & Big Creek Rim Trail to Alum Gap Camp, Collins West Camp to Saw Mill Camp, and East Collins Camp to Stage Coach Road Camp

This Web site does not cover all the trails in the Savage Gulf Area, only the ones I have hiked.

Picket State Park

The 19,200-acre Pickett State Forest is adjacent to the massive 120,000 acre Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, both areas containing prime wilderness country. Explore large rock houses, natural sandstone bridges, scenic bluffs, and wild mountain streams.

Tennesse Contacts

Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area

Park Headquarters
4564 Leatherwood Road
Oneida, Tennessee 37841

Park Headquarters - (423) 569-9778
Visitor Center - Tennessee - (931) 879-3625
Visitor Center - Kentucky - (606) 376-5073

Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park
Rt. 3, Pikeville, TN 37367-9316
Park Headquarters (423) 881-3297

Savage Gulf
Route 1, Box 2196
Monteagle , TN 37356
Stone Door: 931-692-3887
Savage Gulf: 931-779-353

Pickett State Park
4605 Pickett Park Highway
Jamestown, TN 38556
(931) 879-5821

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