Sheltowee Trace

Cumberland Falls to KY 700

This section 28 starts at the Cumberland Falls State Park parking lot, crossing the Cumberland River on Ky 90, entering the Kentucky State Nature Preserve (no camping) and following along the river. The trail opens to the river passing through a smooth sand stone shelf. A steep accent takes you up to FSA 6239 continuing to climb section 29 crosses on to Ky 700 where it leaves the road and follows along a creek before asscending back to KY 700 at the ridge top.


(Section 28 and 29)

00.00 Cross hwy 80 bridge over South fork of Cumberland river.

00.10 turn left into woods and descend toward river crossing wooden foot bridge.

00.40 cross another wooden foot bridge following along the river.

01.43 trail passes through narrow gap in the rocks under large rock face.

01.62 climb wooden steeps. beautiful rock houses and rock formations.

02.00 Illegal campground. Do not camp here.

02.33 Trail junction with Blue BB trail. continue straight along river.

03.24 Campsite where small tributary spills into the Cumberland River. Nice campsite.

03.73 Campsite near many ATV trail crossings.

.04.48 Campsite on river near class I rapids.

04.81 Trail becomes more rugged, lot’s of deadfall and boulders, before emerging on gravel road that begins to ascend.

5.99 Gravel road ends at Ky 700, turn left and begin ascent on Ky 700. this section is steep and has limited shoulder to walk on.

08.25 Trail leaves Ky 700 to the left and descends along a drainage before climbing back up to Ky 700.

09.63 Trail crosses Ky 700 and begins to descend toward Indian Creek.