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Savage Gulf

Stone Door Ranger Station

Stone Door Ranger Station located in the northeast side of the Savage Gulf area gives you access to Laural Falls, Stone Door, Big Creek Rim and Gulf trails, Greeter Falls, Alum Camp and Laurel Trail


Stone Door Trail

This easy trail begins at the Stone Door Ranger Station and follows a paved path to the Stone Door overlook. This trail is about a 1 hour hike. (Restrooms, water and telephone).

0.0 Begin at Stone Door Ranger Station Parking Lot.

0.2 To the left is Laurel Gulf Overlook with view of Laurel Creek gorge and Stone Door bluff to the right.

0.5 A small stream, sometimes dry.

0.9 Trail Junction (Big Creek Rim to right (Alum Gap Camp 3.2), Big Creek Gulf & Stone Door straight ahead), Stone Door overlooks left & straight.

Laurel Falls Loop Trail

This easy trail begins at the Stone Door Ranger Station and leads to Laurel Falls and the remains of an old Mill. This trail is about a 15 minute hike.

0.0 Begin at Stone Door Ranger Station Parking Lot.

0.1 Descends the wooden stairs to Laural Falls overlook.

0.2 Trail levels off at Laural Creek and above the 25' Laural Falls, spur trail to right leads to Laural Mills.

0.3 Trail ascends to the Stone Door parking lot.

Big Creek Rim Trail

This easy trail follows the edge of the plateau above the Big Creek Gulf. It begins from the Stone Door trail and ends at Alum Gap Camp Area. Some nice overlooks can be accessed along this 3.2 mile trail. Camp sites 8 & 9 lead to a nice overlook. Camp has pit toilets but no piped in water. Water can be filtered from near by stream if conditions have not been dry. Closest water when dry is Greeter Falls 1.4 miles. This trail is about a 2.0 hour hike

0.0 Trail begins form the Stone Door Trail near the overlook.

0.3 Split Rock Overlook, Stone Door cliffs to far left.

1.6 Sinks Overlook, at the bottom of the gorge a limestone cliff marks the area where Big Creek goes underground most of the year.

2.5 Pine Rock Overlook

2.7 Big Creek Overlook, the stream can be seen down and to the right. A beautiful intricate bluff is also to the right.

3.2 Alum Gap Camp Area. The junction of Laurel trail, Greeter trail and Big Creek Gulf trail.

Big Creek Gulf Trail

This rough, challenging trail leads through the gorge below and to the west of Stone Door. Hikers may return via Laurel or Big Creek Rim trails. This trail will wear you out. An over night stay at Alum Gap Camp is recommended. Small boulders and rocks must be traversed at many places on this demanding trail. This trail is about a 4-5 hour hike.

0.0 Trail begins from Stone Door Trail above the overlooks, then steeply descends through the Stone Door passageway to some wood steeps. This is a favorite spot for top rope repelling.

0.1 The descent continues down extremely rocky slopes. This is the most difficult part of the trail.

0.9 Connector trail to left, Big Creek Gulf Trail to right.

1.2 Old logging road to left leads to several resurgent springs where the creek re-emerges after a 2 mile underground stretch.

2.0 Ranger Falls to left. This side trail leads to the falls and sink of Ranger Creek. Round trip to falls is one mile.

2.6 Sinks Trail to left; this short spur leads to where Big Creek usually disappears under an imposing, unstable limestone bluff.

3.5 An old landslide has opened a view of the surrounding cliffs, the largest being 'Big Bluff' to the west. After a steep ascent the trail rejoins the logging road.

4.0 Laurel trail begins to left, Big Creek Rim trail to the right. Alum gap camp area.

Greeter Trail

This short trail connects the Alum Gap Camp Area with Greeter Falls Area. The first mile is an easy plateau top walk with the last half mile a moderate gorge walk. The falls are sometimes dry, but there is always a cool water hole at the bottom. This trail is about a 1.5 hour hike.

0.0 Trail begins at Alum Gap .1 miles down Big Creek Gulf trail from camping area.

0.2 Big Bluff Overlook to left

1.0 Suspension bridge across Broadtree Creek, junction of Greeter Falls Loop trail, turn left.

1.3 Trail Splits-turn left to Lower Falls (50' high) and plunge pool; turn right to Upper Falls (15').

1.4 Greeter Falls.

Greeter Falls Loop Trail

This short trail starts across the road from the Greeter Falls parking area. The trail takes you past the Blue Hole swimming hole and the site of an old homestead before the junction of Greeter Loop Trail. The loop descends to Big Creek at Greeter Falls and continues up Piney Creek to Boardtree Falls. This loop trail is about a 1 hour hike.

0.0 Trail begins across the road from the Greeter Falls parking area.

0.1 Spur to Blue Hole swimming hole.

0.2 Greeter Homestead, foundation and well.

0.3 Greeter Falls Loop trail junction, continue right,

0.4 Trail descends along Piney Creek down some small steps and under some rock overhangs.

0.45 Trail junction, left continues loop to Boardtree Falls, trail to right leads to spurs to Lower Greeter Falls and Upper Greeter Falls. Taking the falls spur trail to the left leads to a set of spiral stairs that lead down to the lower 50' Greeter Falls. Taking the falls spur to the right leads to the Upper Greeter Falls.

0.6 Trail follows along the base of a bluff, over some boulders to another Creek. At large rock overhang look for Lower Boardtree Falls hidden to the right.

0.8 Junction of Greeter Trail, Upper Boardtree Falls to the right, bridge crosses Piney Creek and leads to Alum Gap Camp 1.0 miles

0.9 Trail turns left up hill, follows a logging road and returns to junction of Greeter Loop trail. 

Tennesse Contacts

Savage Gulf
Route 1, Box 2196
Monteagle , TN 37356
Stone Door: 931-692-3887
Savage Gulf: 931-779-353


Getting There

The Savage Gulf is located in central Tennessee in South Cumberland Mountains. It can be accessed from interstate 24 at the Monteagle, Tenn exit 127. Take TN 50 to TN 56, through Altamont to junction of TN 108. Follow TN 56 north through Beersheba Springs, you come to a sign indicating to turn right to Stone Door Ranger Station. Follow this road into the park. Hikers and campers must register at the Ranger Station.

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