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Lusk Creek

About Lusk Creek

Lusk Creek Wilderness area has some beautiful wildlife, flora and fauna. It is not uncommon to find animal tracks along the trail. Hardwoods and pines line the trail in this remote area. Rock houses and rock formations are numerous.

Horses share the trail so if it rains it can be mucky. This section of the River-to-River trail takes you from Concord Cemetery in the east to the Circle B Ranch in the west. The trail continues to Eddyville and eventually ends at the Mississippi river at Devils Backbone Park.


River-to-River Trail

Concord Cemetery to Circle B Ranch

White diamond marker with blue i (5 miles) Easy/Moderate, from top of One Horse Gap

0.00 Trail begins at Concord Cemetery and follows Raum Road to the left for a short distance.

0.04 Trail leaves the road and crosses a small creek.

0.10 Trail begins to ascend.

0.5 Cross Little Lusk Creek

0.7 Looking road crosses trail, continue straight.

0.9 Trail enters stand of pines.

1.2 Cross Little Lusk Creek, trail continues along creek on the right.

1.4 More pines.

2.2 Trail comes to a T, turn right.

2.5 Tail comes to a T. turn left. You will come to several more logging roads, follow the trail markers and continue straight.

3.0 Small pond on the left. Nice place to camp.

3.2 Trail begins to descend.

3.4 Trail crosses creek and begins to climb to the right. Camp site here, but be sure to camp 300 ft' from the trail.

3.7 Lusk Creek Camping area. Travel south towards Indian Kitchen and Bear Creek, travel north to Salt Peter Cave.

3.71 Ford Lusk Creek and follow trial to the left.

4.0 Trail continues up smooth exposed rock. Steep.

4.5 Cross small creek

4.9 Trail crosses road

5.0 Circle B Ranch

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Shawnee National Forest
Harrisburg, IL 62946
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Getting There

From Herod take Raum Road to Concord Cemetery. Markers for the River-to-River trail can be seen for the first 1.5 miles. The first road to the right leads to Williams Hill. The highest point in the area. Continue till the next fork in the road, bear right. The next intersection is Hartsville. Continue left, after a short distance the road makes a 90º turn to the right. A trail head for the River-to-River trail can be found to the left at Concord Cemetery. The River-to-River trail follows the road for a short time before crossing the road at a small creek just before the next 90º left turn. The trail heads toward the Lusk Creek Wilderness area.