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Charlestown State Park

Charlestown State Parks 2,339 acres is located just southeast of Charlestown on Indiana 62 in Southern Indiana. The parks seven trails take you through diverse terrain including forests, fields, cliffs, wetlands, and Creeks. Elevation changes of over 200 feet make for challenging hikes. Trail 1, Trail 3 and Trail 4 pass near 14 Mile Creek, a popular fishing spot. Trail 6 follows a ridge above the Ohio river with several overlooks. Trail 7 is a loop trail around Rose Island that has interpretive signs explaining the history of Rose Island. There is currently no backcountry camping.

In 2005 the park added an additional 2,761 acres from the nearby decommissioned Indiana Ammunition Depot increasing the parks size to 5,100 acres. The expansion made Charlestown State Park the 3rd largest State park in Indiana.

Harrison-Crawford State Forest

Harrison-Crawford State Forest is located in southern part of Indiana bordering the Ohio River and extending into the central part of the state. The forest is approximately 26,000 acres of timber with ridges, limestone outcroppings and river overlooks. The Blue River runs through the middle emptying into the Ohio on the parks southern border. Backpacking, hiking, fishing and canoeing are abundant here. Adventure Hiking Trail is a 27 mile Backpacking trail that winds throughout the southern part of the forest, giving beautiful vistas of the Ohio and Blue rivers.

Hemlock Cliffs

Hemlock Cliffs is located in the Hoosier National Forest, Hemlock Cliffs is a unique little box canyon that has a very diverse plant ecosystem. Mountain laurel, several varieties of fern, evergreen, hemlock and wild flower are all thriving in this cool damp environment. Also common to the area are frogs, deer, squirrel, mice and a variety of birds.

Limestone cliffs rise some 200 feet above the canyon with two waterfalls, "Messmore Cliffs Falls" and "Hemlock Cliffs Falls" at each end. The Hemlock Cliff Loop trail descends into the canyon and covers about 2.0 miles. Camping is permitted 300 ft. from the trail.

Indian-Celina Lakes Recreation Area

Indian-Celina Lakes Recreation Area is located near Tell City Indiana. The Indian-Celina Lakes Recreation Area contains Celina Lake (164 acres) and Indian Lake (152 acres). The Lakes are boardered by the 12.5 mile Two Lakes Loop trail. The trail makes its way around both lakes winding along the west bank of Indian Lake and east bank of Celina Lake.

Tecumseh Trail

The Tecumseh Trail is a 42-mile trail thatbegins at Morgan-Monroe State Forest and ends in Brown County at Panther Creek. The Tecumseh was completed by the Hoosier Hikers Council (HHC) in 2002.

Indiana Contacts

Charlestown State Park
12500 Indiana 62
Charlestown, IN 47111
(812) 256-5600

Harrison-Crawford State Forest
7240 Old Forest Road SW
Corydon, IN 47112
(812) 738-8232

Tell City Ranger District
248 15th Street
Tell City, IN 47586
(812) 547-7051
Fax (812) 547-6144

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