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Savage Gulf is 15,590-acre natural area located on the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. It boasts sandstone cliffs, ridgetop vistas, watefalls, and rugged canyons (gulfs). Stone Door is a 10 ft. wide by 100 ft. deep geological crack that leads from the ridge above to the gorge below. Big Creek feeds Greeter Falls 15-foot upper fall and 50-foot lower fall on the west side of the gulf. Savage Creek feeds the 30-foot Savage Fall on the Southeast side of the gulf. Collins River feeds Sutter Falls and Horsepound falls in the Collins gulf in the south part of the area. Note: There is no overnight parking at Greeter Trail Parking lot.

Just past Beersheba Springs Market (closest place for ice), where the slogan is If we don't have it, you don't need it., try a bite to eat where they stay open till the last customer is served. Ralph is always ready for a good game of pool, and Betty Sue serves up a county fare with sweet tea and a smile.


Stone Door Ranger Station located in the northeast side of the Savage Gulf area gives you access to Laural Falls, Stone Door, Big Creek Rim and Big Creek Gulf trails, Greeter trail, Greeter Falls Loop, Alum Camp and Laurel trail.

Savage Ranger Station is located in the Southeastern part of Savage Gulf and gives you access to Savage Day Loop, Savage Station Camp, North Rim and South Rim trails, Mountain Oak trail, Connector trail, and Hobbs Cabin.

Collins Gulf is in the southern part of Savage Gulf with access to Collins Gulf Trail, Collins Rim Trail, Collins West Camp, Sutter Falls, Horsepound Falls, Sawmill Camp, and Stage Coach Trail.

Tennesse Contacts

Savage Gulf
Route 1, Box 2196
Monteagle , TN 37356
Stone Door: 931-692-3887
Savage Gulf: 931-779-353


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Getting There

The Savage Gulf is located in central Tennessee in South Cumberland Mountains. It can be accessed from interstate 24 at the Monteagle, Tenn exit 127. Take TN 50 to TN 56, through Altamont to junction of TN 108.

For Collins Gulf, Follow TN 108 East through Gruetli-Laager. Turn left on 55th Ave. to get to Collins Gulf parking lot.

For Savage Ranger Station, Follow TN 108 East through Gruetli-Laager to TN 399. Continue on TN 399 then turn left on Stage Coach Road then Rt. on Hill Camp Rd.

For Stone Door Ranger Station, Follow TN 56 north through Beersheba Springs, you come to a sign indicating to turn right to Stone Door Ranger Station. Follow this road into the park. Hikers and campers must register at the Ranger Station.