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Collins Gulf

Collins Gulf Parking Area

Collins Gulf is in the southern part of Savage Gulf with access to Collins Gulf Trail Collins Rim Trail, Collins West Camp, Sutter Falls, Horsepound Falls, Sawmill Camp, and Stage Coach Trail.


Collins Gulf Trail (Gorge Section)

Collins Gulf Trail is a long and difficult trail. The gulf section is rocky, requires several creek fords and can be difficult to pass during high water. The rim section has beautiful overlooks of the Collins Gulf below.

0.0 Trail begins at Collins Gulf parking lot

0.15 Entrance to Collins West Campsite (nice place to camp if arriving late with overlook).

0.2 Trail merges with logging road. Second entrance to Collins West Camp. Trail begins steep descent.

0.22 Trail junction. Collins East Camp and Rim trail straight. Sutter Falls, Horsepound Falls and Sawmill Camp to the left.

0.45 Trail becomes rocky and moves along the edge of a huge rockhouse with Rocky Mountain Creek to the right. Sutter Falls is at the end of the rockhouse with Rocky Mountain Creek plunging some 40'. The trail drops down off the ledge and requires you to ford the creek.

0.55 Trail climbs over small boulders and moves up and down along the bluffs for a short time before it begins to move away from the bluff and descend into the gulf.

1.7 Spur trail leads down some wood steps to Horsepound Falls.

2.0 Fall Creek flows from the left into a cave, continue straight.(ford creek during high water).

3.0 Trumpet Creeper Ford (ford creek during high water).

3.4 Old jeep road to left leads up to 120-foot bluff containing Schwoon Cave, spring, and 30' sinkhole.

3.5 Sawmill Camp, Connector Trail (left to Stone Door, right to Hobbs Cabin and Stage Coach Road Historic Trail).

Stage Coach Road Historic Trail

Stage Coach Road Historic Trail begins at the end of the South Rim trail and connects to the Collins Gulf Trail.

0.0 Trail begins at end of South Rim and Collins Gulf Trails.

0.1 Stacked rocks keep the trail level as it descends toward the Collins River.

0.2 Rock wall terraces were once used as a trail for livestock.

0.5 Skinny Falls to the right

1.6 Trail ends where Connector Trail crosses old road grade. Stone Door and Saw Mill to left. Hobbs Cabin and North Rim trail to the right.

Tennesse Contacts

Savage Gulf
Route 1, Box 2196
Monteagle , TN 37356
Stone Door: 931-692-3887
Savage Gulf: 931-779-353


Getting There

The Savage Gulf is located in central Tennessee in South Cumberland Mountains. It can be accessed from interstate 24 at the Monteagle, Tenn exit 127. Take TN 50 to TN 108. Follow TN 108 East through Gruetli-Laager. Turn left on 55th Ave. to get to Collins Gulf parking lot.

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